Did you know the United States Postal Service is offering discounts for mailing your business mail? These promotions are designed to offer savings when you utilize Market Mailing, First Class Mail, BRM, CRM and Share Mail.  See below for short descriptions of the 2019 USPS Promotions. One important note per USPS, only one promotion will be allowed per mail piece campaign.

Follow this link to the UPSP website to see if your mail piece will qualify for one of their 6 promotions that offer either a 2% discount or a $0.03 credit.

Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Mail Piece Engagement Promotion 

Encourages mailers to enhance customer engagement with the mail through the use of advanced print innovations in paper and stock, substrates, inks, interactive elements, and finishing techniques.  Registration Dec 15 – July 31.  Promotion Period Feb 1st – July 31st. Offering 2% postage discount during the promotion period.

Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion 

Encourages mailers to incorporate emerging technologies such as AR, VR/MR, NFC, Video in Print, multichannel mail integration with Addressable TV or digital assistants into their direct mail pieces. Registration Jan 15 – Aug 31.  Promotion Period March 1 – august 31. Offering 2% postage discount during the promotion period.

Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion 

Encourages mailers to continue to distribute Business Reply Mail (BRM), Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) and Share Mail envelopes and cards by providing them with a financial benefit when their customers put those pieces back in the mail. Registration Feb 15th – Mar 31st.  Promotion Period April 1st – June 30th. Earn a $0.03 credit per counted reply piece.

Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion

Enhances the value of First-Class Mail by encouraging mailers of bills and statements to incorporate color messaging in order to foster a better connection and response from their customers. Registration May 15th – Dec 31st.  Promotion Period July 1st – Dec 31st Offering 2% postage discount during the promotion period.

Mobile Shopping Promotion

Encourages mailers to integrate their direct mail pieces with mobile technologies that facilitate a convenient online shopping experience for consumers during the holiday season. Registration June 15th – Dec 31st.  Promotion Period Aug 1st – Dec 31st. Offering 2% postage discount during the promotion period.

NEW!  Informed Delivery Promotion

Encourages mailers to adopt use of the USPS’ new omnichannel tool, Informed Delivery.  Participants may create Informed Delivery campaigns through the Portal or submit elements through their eDoc submission.  Registration July 15th – Nov 30th.  Promotion Period Sept 1st – Nov 30th. Offering 2% postage discount during the promotion.