Important Update On Pricing & Paper

To all our valued customers and new customers, we are trying to accommodate.

It has become obvious that shutting down the economy creates disruption of ongoing business when attempting to reestablish normal levels of production in a healthy economy.  There are two issues everyone is facing, supply chain delays and labor “transience.”

Arizona Envelope Company is raising prices across the board until further notice once material supplies and pricing return to predictable levels.  We are on allocation for paper and even then lead times are into December and beyond.  Our input costs have risen on all materials and labor pressures demand higher wages to keep our staffing levels from further losses.  We appreciate all the requests for work from new customers and new work from existing customers.

Our customer service staff is shorthanded as we strive to get quotes processed quickly.  We appreciate your understanding when receiving answers other than those desired.  We are quoting lead times to the best of our ability.  The uncertainty of materials even arriving when due is requiring our lead times to be longer than our normal standards.    We are giving the best information available to us.  Some jobs that require materials in high demand cannot be furnished timely while other jobs will be business as usual.  We strive for transparency and apologize in advance for any uncertainty created that is out of our control.

Arizona Envelope Company