Our Ongoing Commitment


To Our Valued Customers,

Arizona Envelope Company is being impacted by the Novel Coronavirus as is the entire world.  As an organization our commitment is to our employees safety and well being.  Both their physical and mental health are priorities and decisions will be made with this at the forefront.  We are following all recommended guidelines regarding their safety in our operating environment. Our employees have continued to come in to work at their discretion, but they have management’s full support to make the decisions that are in the best interest of themselves and their families.

Our customer relationships are also a priority.  At this time with the evolving nature of the crises at hand we are doing everything in our ability to maintain timeliness of orders.  In response to customer inquiries as to our ability to guarantee orders going forward we must under-promise.  We are operating without interruption to date.  However there are many factors outside our control that may impact our operation at any given moment.  We will follow any state and federal mandates regarding manufacturing operation and civilian stay and shelter decries.  We will work as always to fulfill our customers most urgent orders as well as the standard orders we rely on.

At this time, due to the hourly information coming out, it is best to communicate your and your customers needs in order for us to accommodate anything within our ability.  In that way we can give you the most transparent and up to date responses accurately.

We are all in this together and we all lack definitive information on the next steps required to confront the tragic situation ahead of us.  We appreciate your understanding.  We appreciate your loyal business in our long relationships even more.  We are here to do everything in our ability to help you weather this time and prosper in the future.

Our efforts to keep our employees safe and working is our best guarantee to keep you and your customers operating as consistently as possible in this environment.

Kirk Burgess